About Our Media Blog

Welcome to the Media Buzz for Spring, 2011! 

From reality TV to pundits, advertising and audiences as a commodity, to the new un-civil media discourse and captive video news releases as journalism, to the pervasiveness of Social Media–we learn it all. How they are all related. We are Communications majors at Trinity University in Washington DC. TU is the alma mater of Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Heart Corporations CEO, now CEO of NYC Public Schools Cathie Black. We are scholars, we are strong women.

We’re posting our impressions and commentary on media and its effect on our culture, our policymaking, our lives. 

NOTE: The views, posts, media applied to this blog constitutes student run product and do not reflect the views, policies or positions of any institution, including Trinity University-DC or the Sisters of Notre Dame. All media re-posted constitutes fair use of such content for educational purposes, and in no event is used for profit or resale.

  1. Alisa Johnson says:

    These are all remarkable women and their success stories are awesome. I had the opportunity to hear Cathie Black speak at Trinity and I received a copy of her book, Basic Black. Once I graduate from Trinity it will be a pleasure to be able to say I graduated from the same schools as these triumphant ladies.

  2. Alisa says:

    What are your feelings on Albert Haynesworth getting in trouble? Check out the link below to read about Albert and him being accused of road rage assault…..


  3. Delores Miles says:

    It’s amazing to see how the role of media is involved in so much of our lives. Everything from events this week like the Superbowl and which commercials were great to which ones tanked, to Christina Aguilera singing of the National Anthem..was it really that bad? Sure she messed up a few words but I thought she sang it well. Does it really matter? If youtube and other media outlets weren’t exposing these things in such excess, would we be talking about more important things like Obama on Bill O’Reilly or Egypt or bombing in Russia?

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