Republicans Respond to Obama’s Approach in Libya

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Source: The Daily Kos

By Cynthia Pyle, ’11, Political Science

On Libya the Republican hypocrites are stepping out of the woodwork once again. After years of rubber-stamping a failed leader as he bumbled two failed wars and dropped the ball on bringing Osama bin Laden to justice they just cannot stand the fact that another leader may have better ideas in another country where the people have already risen against a despot. I guess it must disturb them that the new President is not willing to risk thousands of American lives and treasure for years in a bottomless pit to bring change. Indeed this leader is doing something Republicans would never dream of. Giving rebels trying to shake a despot what they asked for and not forcing American troops upon them.

The President said in his address on Monday…

Of course, there is no question that Libya — and the world — will be better off with Gaddafi out of power. I, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal, and will actively pursue it through non-military means. But broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake.

The task that I assigned our forces — to protect the Libyan people from immediate danger, and to establish a No Fly Zone — carries with it a UN mandate and international support. It is also what the Libyan opposition asked us to do. If we tried to overthrow Gaddafi by force, our coalition would splinter. We would likely have to put U.S. troops on the ground, or risk killing many civilians from the air. The dangers faced by our men and women in uniform would be far greater. So would the costs, and our share of the responsibility for what comes next.

To be blunt, we went down that road in Iraq. Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our troops and the determination of our diplomats, we are hopeful about Iraq’s future. But regime change there took eight years, thousands of American and Iraqi lives, and nearly a trillion dollars. That is not something we can afford to repeat in Libya.

I believe that in Libya with the actions of the people there and our reaction to it we have a much better chance of actually creating Democracy in the middle-east and creating real allies among the Arab and Muslim world. Unfortunately some folks would rather push their own beliefs and agendas on that region instead. Worse yet they are obsessed with the thought that their own narrow-minded approach to dealing with the middle-east may be proven for what it was all along. A fraud.


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