Ohio man runs a commercial to propose to his girlfriend

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

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By Brett Michael Dykes

By Brett Michael Dykes brett Michael Dykes – Fri Feb 25, 12:33 pm ET

It’s getting harder out there for a guy who wants to raise big public fanfare around his marriage proposal. In the media-saturated American scene, you see proposals turning up in newspaper ads, skywriting appeals and–of course–the venerable stadium Jumbotron. So how does a lovestruck beau make his offer really stand out? Why, he asks his lady to marry him in a TV commercial, of course. And that’s just what David Jones–a Cleveland-based video producer, conveniently enough–did yesterday to in a successful bid for the hand of his girlfriend, Dee Horton.

On Thursday, Horton and her co-workers at a Medina, Ohio hair salon tuned in to the midday newscast on Cleveland’s WJW-TV. Jones had told her that he’d be portraying some sort of superhero in a commercial. But as she went about trimming a client’s hair with one eye on the broadcast, she soon realized that she was the sole member of this particular commercial’s target demographic. “A lot of people say we’re living on love, like it’s a bad thing,” Jones said in the commercial. “How about you and I show the world what true love is all about?” He then pulled out a ring and proposed, and a few seconds later Jones emerged in the salon with a WJW camera crew, and dropped to his knees to propose in person.

You can watch the WJW report on the proposal by clicking on the image below:

Jones had earlier said that he wanted his proposal to be “something neither one of us would ever forget,” and he clearly achieved his goal. For her part, Horton said that she contracted cancer shortly after she and Jones began dating, but he stuck by her side and cared for her as she endured surgery and radiation treatments. We wish them all the best. (Photo and video via: Fox 8 WJW in Cleveland)


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