Postive Black Males being recognized!!!

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized



              Recently at my WPGC internship the on-air talent Big Tigger interviewed Tim King the Urban Prep Academics, an prep school educationing young African American Males. Urban Prep Academic is located in Chicago Illonis where they provide quality eduction to young men, particulary African Americna men in urban neighborhoods. The Urban Prep Academics mission statement is to” reverse abysmal graduation and college completion rates among young men in urban centers, particularly African-American males”. Not only does this Prep Academy offers curriculium based on learning and development but they also focus on the challlenges facing urban youth.

                 The media manipulation is one of the  top reasons why we have steortypes in our society.  Our media pre-maturally shapes racism and steortypes. When you turn on the television  or watch a movie typically the black male isn’t going to an predomential male black prep school. Instead, most likely the black male is going to a school located in a bad neighboorhood or doesn’t have all of the supplies,tools and books to get a decent education. Many directors could highlight an inspirational movie like Uran Prep Academies, but they dont. They wont hightlight something positive because they  want to continue to keep sterotypes and seperate people from different social classes.

             Urban Prep Academies located in chicago makes sure their students are taking care of. Once a student graduates,  they are eligible to any four year program at any university in the United States.  The scholars  recieves a full ride scholarship!

Click here to listen to the audio from WPGC Big Tigger Morning Show


Also check out Urban Prep Academies if you know someone thats looking for a high school to attend in the chicago area. Maybe Urban Prep Academies should be worldwide, how about D.C?


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