The Benefits of Avoiding College

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

By Reyhana Athie, ’11, Communications

James Altucher, the managing director of the asset management firm and fund of hedge funds Formula Capital, believes that parents sending their kids to college is a bad idea.

He has a theory that promotes 8 alternatives to college including:

1. Starting a business

2. Working for a  Charity

3. Traveling the world.

4. Creating art.

5.  Mastering a sport.

6.  Mastering a game.

7. Writing a book.

8. Making people laugh (become a comedian).

Even though there are many benefits that stem from attending college, Altucher points out reasons for avoiding college right after high school including the costs of college that continues to rise and the importance of kids learning what it means to be financially responsible.

Altucher does not write off college completely, he happens to be a Cornell University graduate, but he certainly believes that kids should find themselves through the likes of art,  working at a charity,  meeting new people, and save money by attending a community college before they begin their four year, intellectual, and highly over-priced  journey.

James Altucher


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