America’s Favorite Train Wreck….

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kayla Smith, 12′, Communications

Tune in to “Showbiz Tonight” at 5 and 11 p.m. on HLN for the latest on Lindsay Lohan’s new run-in with the law.

Los Angeles (CNN) — Prosecutors formally charged Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday with felony grand theft related to a necklace allegedly taken from a California jewelry store last month.

How did Lindsay Lohan emerge from “Parent Trap” to “TRAP HOUSE”….

Even though Linds *friend in my head nick name* was just release from court order drug rehab she has found her way into some “BADD GURL” mischief already.

Twenty four and going through a mid-life crises actress “allegedly walked out of the store with the necklace on January 22,” a statement from the district attorney’s office said. “The owner reported the theft to the Los Angeles Police Department, which investigated the allegation and presented evidence to the D.A.’s office last week.

Just like any other feeble minded thief she didn’t get very far * referencing to the recent burglary in Tacoma Park Md*

The necklace was handed over to police just before they were to execute a search warrant to look for the jewelry in Lohan’s Venice, California, apartment last week, police said.

She could possibly face 16 months or 3 years for something that should could pay for with petty cash.

Shoplifting offenses are charged as petty theft if the property taken is valued at less than $950. The store owner claims the “one of a kind” necklace was worth $2,500, police said.


Lohan is on supervised probation for a drunken driving conviction. The judge overseeing her case told her in October that he would send her to jail for 180 days if she violated her probation rules before her next court appearance, set for February 25.

* Welp todaloo Linds :-/ *



  1. Shannya Lyn says:

    On Point? Nancy Grace On Lindsay Lohan Robbing $2500 Necklace! “Send A Black Girl Into That Same Jewelry Store. They Would Be Thrown On The Floor & Dragged By Their Feet”

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